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Clean Checker CCW-101 / Airborn Dust Inspection Unit

CCW-101 enables visually inspect
the air-pollution and contamination
caused by house-dust, pollen,
smoke, and asbestos, etc.
With glass bottle (comes with set),
it also allows you to check
water contamination level.
Index for airborne dust measurement is illustrated on body
← low dust level high dust level →

 ■ Set Composition & Price
  Using water inspection bottle
(standard accessories) , contamination
in the water such as with dust, pollen,
and plankton
can be examined.
It enables to compare quality of filtered
tap water, well water, and river water.
CCW-101 is great educational tool
for science as well !
Product Code Price
Clean Checker
1 unit US$ 280
10 - 29 unit US$ 250
30 - 49 unit US$ 230
50 unit -
** Notice : This is visual inspection device and cannot measure with numerical manner.

 ■ Specification

1. Slide door down to open
chamber. Capture the air
around to inspect in the  chamber.
2. Slide door up to close
chamber. Press the switch. A light turns on and airborne dust
starts to glow.
Item code CCW-101
Lens Eyepiece x 4 / light concentration x 1
Light source Special bulb 6V 0.5A 35,000 Lux
Lighting Dirk field illumination
Switch push to turn on
Body ABS plastic
Size W 33 x H 55mm x L 285mm
Weight 350g (includes battery)
Power AA alkali battery x 6
Lamp life Apx 2,000 hour
Battery life Apx 3 month (*used few times a day)
Dust range Apx 0.3-100 micron ** observable size
Index 5 levels
** Explanation of Graph
   1. Start an air-cleaner in the cigaret smoke filled laboratory.
   2. Using particle counter, measure air borne dust of 0.3μm / 0.5μm / 1μm at fixed time frame.
   3. Capture image via CCW101 lens at the same time and superimposed resulting value on the graph
     As a result, it is apparent that particle level curve of the captured image
     and decay curve of particle counter at 0.5μm overlaps.