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AR Acrylic - Extruded Type (for picture frame)

‘ ARAC550W --- AR acrylic for picture frame
  There is nothing more annoying than
having your lovely work framed, only
to get it home, hang it up and for most
of the day all you can see is your own
reflection or the reflection of your
furniture rather than the piece itself.
By replacing to AR coated acrylic, you
can dramatically enhance the way an
art work looks!

High transparency and excellent flatness,
also anti-static layer makes it dust repellent.
By replacing glass to acrylic, you can expect
to reduce total weight of about 50%,
makes it safer alternative as well.

© Image   
Left side   = Regular Glass
Right side  = ARAC550W


t = 2mm
AR on front & back, with Antistatic
** Extruded type can not be
used together with polarizer, lambda film

Item Code   Size    Unit Price 
ARAC500W 550 x 340 mm |@t = 2mm   US $85.00

  Easy to cut with an acrylic cutter
Dig groove with acrylic cutter.
When groove depth reaches 1/3 deep,
fold and cut using desk edge.
For Instruction

AR Acrylic Spec and Inspection Standard

*it is actual measurement data, not guaranteed date
@Standard Value
bottom value : at the bottim … 1.5 %
measuring method : with material coated both side
@Visual inspection With 15W-20W fluorescence light with background in black
@Foreign material
@Pinhole, Bubble
Size (mm) allowance
no such
@Intrf clr uneven
@Diameter of defect area = Area which overlap normal and interference color
@The defect which is easily noticeable with eyesight after coating is not allowed
@Interference color @Purple to Violet blue
Membrane Standard
yCross-hatch, tape-peeling methodz
 Method F Separate 3 time with Nichiban (#405), a grid is about 1mm x 100
 Judging Criteria F Approved if there is no separation
ySteel-wool methodz
 Method F Rub No.0000 steel-wool 5 time both way with 0.5kg weight.
  Count damage lines after.
 Judging Criteria F Approved if damage line is less than 20.

*Deficit detection method according to gDirt comparison charth
issued by Ministry of Finance in Japan

š Please inquire for bulk price for more that 10 unit order