LED Transmitted illuminator for Microscope

■ Transform regular stereo-microcope to transmitted light microscopy !
By placing it on the microscope stage, our illuminator enables transmitted light observation with a simple stereo-microscope. Need super high power, single wavelength illuminator? Or the one capable of emitting light on a large surface with no inconsistency? With our lineups, you will be able to select the ideal device for your particular purpose. Energy-efficient, super long-life LED is an environment-friendly choice too.
LED Transmitted light for Stereo Microscope
LED Transmitted light for Stereo Microscope
LED Transmitted light for Stereo Microscope
LEDwhite-TR8W  DSTL-W  RT25-W-CR 
Super high power white LED
(10x more power compared to conventional product) Works even with thick/murky samples.
LED transmitted light for simple stereo-microscopes. All surface area can be evenly illuminated. High power LED transmitted light. Enables transmitted light observation by merely placing it on a microscope stage.