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LED Handy Flashlight
128x High Power UV LED

  128x shell type LED Handy Flashligh (375nm) suitable for GFP excitation.
Equipped with 128 units of High power UV LED !

■ High quality LED (Made in Japan) contains almost no visible rays and
   can be utilizes for fluorescence Identifier, UV inspection, discerning,
   UV curing and handy backlight, etc.
■ Can be utilizes for fluorescence excitation, fluorescent penetrant
   inspection which was not possible with conventional 395nm UV LED  
■ UV-A make possible of mineral and gem appraisal.
■ High quality UV LED with 10000 hours life. Durable radiating
   power even with regular battery. Easy to change batteries.

 ■ Price

Code #  Component Price
RH128-U375N  Handy LED (128 shell type LED) Flashlight
 UV 375 nm
RH128-U375F  Handy LED (128 shell type LED) Flashlight
 UV 375 nm + Filter

 ■ Specification

 Wavelength  Peak at 375nm
 UV Intensity  5800μW/cu
 Size  Length : 180 mm
 Emission end :φ85 mm
 Battery end :φ37 mm
 Weight  417g (with battery)
 Battery  AA battery x 4 (included with purchase)
 Power  9.2W (Forward Voltage For 5φLED = = 3.8V・20mA)