Microscope Adapter
Bio Equipment
LED Fluorescent Light
LED Transmitted
LED Epi-light
HDA series
MBP-LED series
LED Handy light
Filter Holder System
Opt Film & Product
Visualizing System

LED Light for Fluorescence Excitation
LED Epi-illumination

■ LED Epi- Light for Fluorescence Excitation
 HDA-TB3 (Blue)  MBP-LEDB  (Blue)
 HDA-TG3 (Green)
 MBP-LEDC  (Cyan)
 HDA-TW3 (White)  
LED Twin-Arm
for Stereo-Microscope
Gel Documentation Hood
for Electrophoresis
High intensity, twin-arm LED lighting for fluorescence excitation. Chip type LED does not contain IR (infrared)
and UV (ultraviolet)
LED built-in gel documentation hood.
This State-of-the-art gel hood is produced with original shielding,
and illumination technology

How to select LED light source for your particular reagent ⇒