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  Gel Tray - LBX-TR

Made with UV transmitted acrylic, Gel-Tray enables band observation and  capturing directly on top of UV transilluminator

 ■ Gel dyeing, bleaching, cutting-out, and documenting can all be done on the tray

For safety and work efficiency !
■ Easy to hold. Dip and take out safely from dye/bleach liquid.
■ UV transmitted. Gel observation/documentation right on the tray.
■ Gel cutting also possible directly on the tray
■ Diagonally cut front edge making it easy to slide tray under the gel
■ 2 sizes available. Gel tray mini is perfect size for mini-gel

Product Item Code  Price
UV Transmitted Gel Tray - Regular size LBX-TR US$ 43
UV Transmitted Gel Tray - Mini size LBX-TRmi US$ 39
UV Transmitted Gel Tray - Mini size (5 Piece set) LBX-TRmi 5P US$ 177
UV Transmitted Gel Tray - Mini size (10 Piece set) LBX-TRmi 10P US$ 321


 Tray Surface Size  LBX-TR :140mm x 130mm
 LBX-TRmi :80mm x 80mm
 Thickness  2mm
 Material  UV Transmitted Acrylic
 (* inapplicable for short wavelength 254nm)
 Nose shape  Oblique-cut front edge makes it easy to be slid under the gel
 Other  Supplied with protective film on surface