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  Pict LaBox with built-in LED - High Sensitivity CCD camera set

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All-in-one Gel documentation System now with built-in LED !
Two types, LED470 (blue 470nm) and LED505 (cyan 505nm), can be selected according
to the reagent of your choise. From gel illumination to observation, image recording, and
gel cutting, all gel documentation is completed in this single device !
Blue LED 470 nm
SYBR Green, SYBR Gold,
SYBR Safe, Gel Green, Midori Green,
SYPRO Orange, SYPRO Ruby, etc.
Cyan LED 505 nm
EtBr, DsRed, AlexaFluor532, Flamingo,Gel Green, Gel Red,
SYPRO Red, YFP, etc.



Large observation window for viewing from the top.
With the mini-gel, 2 vertical and 3 horizontal images can be seen
at a time and also capable to accurately isolate narrow bands by observing from directly above. The built-in filter is UV safe and
high performance as a sharp-cut filter for image recording too.

Clear gel image with the light-absorbing structure.
The filter is tilted forward to allow light from the back and ceiling to escape to the front. Simultaneously, the camera door is set up to completely block the light from the front so that the weak bands are
not missed even in a bright room, making the gel cut-out process
with Pict-Labox more reliable and efficient.

Double door with Click-lock damper hinge.
The double door makes it easy to open/close while holding
the gel. Click lock damper hinges keep it open while at work
and completely block out light with no gap when closed.

A large work space provided by incisions in the side walls.
With 60 mm of the slit on both sides, cutting out can be
done easily by stretching your elbows to the side. It has a
surprisingly large work space despite its small size.

Compatible with most UV/LED Transilluminator.
Pict-Labox can be used on top of most fluorescent excitation light sources as long as it has more than 220 mm wide flat surface
with no projections. (Smeller size may be fit inside the LaBox)

A high-sensitivity, low-cost CCD-USB camera Set
Pursuing the ultimate sensitivity only with CMOS sensor instead of expensive cooled CCD, it achieves 20x higher sensitivity than conventional camera and capture even weak bands with fantastic clarity. Comes also with easy-to-use software (WIN PC required).

With the velcro tape, illuminator smaller than the Labox can also be fixed firmly.


   Set Composition & Price

 LED470nm Built-in type
Set Code Price System Composition
Copy & Paste it to inquiry/order form ↓↓
PLBXC-LED470 US$ 1,900
PLBX470-CCD US$ 2,800
Product Code PLBXC-LED470 CCD-BSET
 Price US$ 1,900 US$ 900

 LED505nm Built-in type
Set Code Price System Composition
Copy & Paste it to inquiry/order form ↓↓
PLBXC-LED505 US$ 1,900
PLBX505-CCD US$ 2,800
Product Code PLBXC-LED505 CCD-BSET
 Price US$ 1,900 US$ 900

   Optional Equipment

UV Illuminator

LED Illuminator


 Maximum Shooting Area  200 x 167 mm (Internal dimensions of the bottom of the box)
 Shooting Distance  Approx 282mm (distance to the lens)
 Observation window size  196 x 103 mm
 Compatible Filter size  φ52mm filter
 Filter  Built-in observation and photography filters
 (A 52 mm diameter filter can be used as needed)
 Sharp-cut /
 Observation window
 UV transmittance (Range: 220-450nm )
 Max 0.09% Average 0.02 %
  * Actual measured values. Not guaranteed values.
 Material  ABS resin
 Size  Width : 280 x Depth : 210 mm (exterior dimension)
 Hight : 280 mm (Camera mounting adapter not included)
fluorescence excitation LED transmitted light for stereo microscope

 Built in LED
 LED  16 high-intensity chip-type LEDs arranged in parallel
 Peak Wavelength Blue 470nm Cyan 505nm
 Radiation Method  Downward-facing dark field illumination
 * Irradiate from diagonally above the left and right
 Compatible reagents  SYBR Green, SYBR Gold,
 SYBR Safe, Gel Green,
 Midori Green, SYPRO Orange,
 SYPRO Ruby, etc.
 EtBr, DsRed, AlexaFluor532,
 Flamingo, Gel Green, Gel Red,
 SYPRO Red, YFP, etc.
 Power supply (AC adapter)  Input: 100-240V 5-60Hz universal
 Output: 24V 2.7A (65W)  PSE / UL / CE certified
 Power consumption) 21W 23W
 Lamp life  40,000 hours (estimated calculation time)
 Accessories  AC-DC adapter, instruction manual

 CCD Camea (= C-mount CMOD) & Zoom Lens
 Power consumption and
 Power supply voltage
 0.75W (150mA) / DC+5V (USB bus power)
 Operating temperature
 Storage temperature
 -5℃ to +45℃ / -5℃ to +50℃
 Operating /
 Storage Humidity
 below 90%Rh (No condensation)
 Image Sensor /
 # of Effective Pixel
 1/3 inch CMOS sensor / 1305 (H) x 977 (V)
 Camera / Lens Mount  1.3 MP CMOS sensor / CS mount
 Outputs  HD (30fps), VGA (60fps)
 USB / Cable length  USB video class & USB bus power compatible /
 less than 3 meter long recommened
 System Requirement  CPU 800MHz or more, memory 512MB or more
 USB 2.0 port
 System Recommened  CPU Intel Core iTM series or newer,
 memory 2GB or more, USB 2.0 port,
 monitor resolution1920 x 1080 or more
 Tested OS  Vista, Window 7, Window 8, Window 10 (all 32 and 64 bit)
 ★ Window XP and Apple products are not supported
 Zoom Lens
 Applicable Sensor Size /
 Number of Pixels
 1/3 inch 2MP compatible
 Lens mount  CS Mount
 Focal length /
 Aperture range
 5-50mm / f1.4-Close
 Weight  64g ± 4g
 Operating temperature range  -20℃ - +60℃