Microscope Adapter for HD Camcorder - NY-VS

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 HD Camcorder Microscope Adapter
 HD Camcorder Microscope Adapter NY-VS US$ 847

   Optional Sleeve

 Phototube Sleeve
 JIS Standard phototube sleeve NY-JIS US$ 53
 Olympus PT type phototube sleeve NY-BH US$ 53

* Notice 1 :
NY-VS is recommend for customers who already have compatible HD camcorder
Recent and significant increase of memory card capacity allows current
digital camera models to shoot long take movies even in HD and 4K mode.
(128 GB SD card can store 2+ hours at 4K, and 4+ hours at Full HD)
For this reason, if you are planning to replace the entire system (recording device + adapter)
and not merely looking for adapter compatible with camcorder in your hand, we also
recommend digital camera system with DSLR, Mirror-Less DSLR, or compact digi-cam.
Please compare such specification as Continuous Shooting Time and select camera according
to your particular requirement. We have lineups of digital camera system available too.
Please contact us for detail.

* Notice 2 :
NY-VS adapter uses camcorder's filter thread for attachment
(compatible filter thread sizes :
Φ30, 37, 43, 46mm)
* It can not be installed to camcorder with no filter thread.