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Filter Holder System for fluorescence observation
LED Transmitted Light System


Filter Holder
+ LED Transmitted Light
Togther with LED transmitted light,
the filter holder would make handy fluorescence observation system !
Zoom Stereo-microscope and
digital camera set is also available !
Filter Holder MFH-FL + LED Transmitted Light
Excitation with single-color LED and
observe high contrast image with SC filter 

 ■ System component

 code#  component  Price
MFH-FL  Filter Holder (360 degree revolving type)
  + MFH-SC56 Orange Filter
  + MFH-SC61 Red Filter
 US$ 190


 code#  component  Price
LFH-FL56  Filter Holder (Simple type)
  + Orange Filter
 US$ 60
LFH-FL61  Filter Holder (Simple type)
  + Red Filter
 US$ 60


 code#  component  Price
RT-B47-CR  LED Transmitted Light (470nm)
  + Dimmer Unit + Orange Filter
 US$ 440
RT-G53-CR  LED Transmitted Light (530nm)
  + Dimmer Unit + Red Filter
 US$ 440

 ■ Optional Item

Trinocular Zoom Stereo-Microscope Digital Camera Set
 High quality, Trinocular
(direct C-mount) Zoom stereo microscope at convenicent price
Nikon compact digital camera and microscope adapter set. Set comes with all nessesory options to start photomicrograph right away !
Price US$ 1,260 

Price US$ 1,405 

 ■ System Prices