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Gel Documentation System - BIO-PYRAMID®
Compatible with Digital Camera

Easy electrophoresis gel imaging system (hood) for DNA, RNA and protein gel. Compatible with most transilluminator and consumer digital camera. Bio-Pyramid ®  is ideal replacement for old Polaroid system.

Bio-Pyramid is handy gel doc system and best way to replace old Polaroid system. Compatible with most consumer digital camera via filter thread or our original Universal Super Mount High intensity and high contrast transilluminator.
Best suited for Bio-Pyramid ! Equipped with
Black-Hole Filter
, Gel-Labox eliminate ambient light efficiently, enables gel-cut in bright room.

Super High Power LED Transilluminator
- 60W Class - High Power LED Light -
Super high power and long life - Damage free UV !
Visible ray LED Transilluminator.

High intensity/contrast LED transilluminator !
With high power LED and dichroic filter, It enables observation of even weak bands. Compatible with wide variety of reagent.