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LED Transilluminator (Cyan 505nm : 60w )


High-Power LED Transilluminator for Gel Ducumentation & Gel Cutting
With Compound Dichroic Filter, gel detection ability even exceeds UV Transillumonator.
Together with MBP-Mini and digital cameras, it makes great gel doc system !

LED Transilluminator (Direct illumination type) for gel electrophoresis. Special dichroic filter eliminates unwanted background and produces sharp band images. Makes convenient system with Bio-Pyramid-Mini® and digital camera.

 ■ Features

MBP Mini & Camera set

Dichroic Filter Effect

Safe visible ray (505nm Cyan) ・High power chip LED x 25
 Super high-power with unprecedented 60w level output.
 Highly efficient and evironment‐friendly monochrome LED
 prevent heat genaration and protect sample from deterioration.
Compound Dichroic Filter
 Compound dichroic filter holds wavelength with steep cut-curve.
 Together with high power 505nm LED, the it excites wide range of
 reagent from HtBr/Gel Red, etc to GFP/EGFP/SYBR Green, etc.
Emission Area size = 130 x 140 mm
 There is no emission irregularity throughout the surface area.
 Suited for various gel sizes from mini gel to midium size gel
High-Contrast filter cover cuts excitation ray below 560nm
 Gel cutting can be operated with half-open filter cover
Additional features
 Auto Power-off : Automatically turned off after 5 minutes.
 High Power mode : Hold down a power button provides 1.5 x power.
Gel Documentation with Bio-Pyramid-Mini !!
 Just by placing Bio-Pyramid-Mini on top, it will make handy
 gel documentation system. For recording device, compact digital
 camera with Vari-angle LCD is recommended.

 LED505 or LED470 ?? →  

 ■ Set Composition & Price

 Standard System - LED Transilluminator LED505-TR60W + Standard Accessories
  LED Transilluminator (@505nm)  LED505-TR60W  US$ 1,390
1. LED transilluminator : with Orange filter (cut below 560nm)
2. AC-DC Adapter : 100V-240V Universal- 24V 2.7A 65W
3. Gel Cut Out Goggle : High Contrast (cut below 570nm) / wearable over glass

 ■ Optional Equipment

Compact, light-weight gel doc hood. Enables documentation just by set it up on LED transilluminator Recommended digital camera set with all necessary options for gel documentation. Sharp-Cut filter for observation of SYBR Green, SYPRO Orange, GFP. and more with Blue LED source.
Price US$ 520
Price US$ 645
Price US$ 33

 ■ System Composition & Price

Set Code Price System Composition
Copy & Paste it to inquiry/order form ↓↓
LED505-TR60W US$ 1,390
MBPmini-LED505TR US$ 1,943
US$ 2,588
  Product Code LED505-TR60W MBP-Mini MF-SC56A S1S-BSet PB225
Price US$ 1,390 US$ 520 US$ 33 US$ 645 US$