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Why Choose MeCan's Adapter ?

As a smart consumer, you may already have spent good amount of time for researching
and found various microscope adapter with lower price tag. And your question now should be,
ghmm.... why would I choose Mecan's adapter over others with lower price?h
It is actually most common question raised by our customer, and
we have set up this page to explain why you may want to choose our adapter.
- High Performance optical lenses -
Firstly, the adapter quality depends mostly on quality of built-in relay lens.
Since each one of our adapters is designed and developed for individual camera lens,
it eliminates vignette effectively and minimizes optical errors which is often
associated with photomicrograph by consumer digital camera.
™ Comparison between Mecan adapter and low price adapter ™
Easy to notice the significance difference in an image quality,
especially with a
Peripheral Resolution and a Color Rendering
Mecan's DSLR Adapter NY-1S Low Price Adpater on the market

Low price adapters often have one of following problems
which are often associated with digital camera photomicrography.
1.  @Geometry distortion  The image at the peripheral area is distorted and
out of focus (low resolution) when compare to the center area.
2.  @Linearity Image looks distorted (Barrel distortion) especially
at the peripheral area.
3.  @Light and shade gap Difference in brightness level between center and
peripheral area even though light is evenly diffused.
4.  @Scotoma/Luminous point  White/Black spot may appear on the image because of
internal]reflection in the lens and lens tube.
5.  @Vignette Magnification and optical design error, or fundamental
structural defect often causes vignette.

By responding to the needs to the customer over many years,
we have overcome these problems and finally developed High-Precision Relay Lens.
Now our adapters are highly acclaimed for its quality and even often receive customer's
complement that it exceeds Nikon/Olympus photomicrograph system !!