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Olympus Stylus-1s Set


STYLUS 1s for Photomicrography !
■ High sensor linearity
■ Vertically tilting 3in/1 million dot LCD touchscreen.
■ Sensitivity runs from 100 to 12800 ISO.
■ i.Zuiko lens with f/2.8 across the entire zoom range.
  (provide excelennt delineation performance)
■ Optical image stabilization is built-in to help
  combat blur from camera shake.
■ With in-camera Wi-Fi wireless networking connectivity
  and free apps for Android and iOS devices,
  the Stylus 1s allows for remote live view oparation

 ■ Set Composition

 ■ Set Price

 Stylus 1s  Olympus Stylus 1s 

 SD Card (16GB)    Memory Card 
 AV Cable  CB-AVC3
 Microsope Adapter (for Stylus1 and 1s)  NY-Stylus1
                                         Set Price US$ 1,405

 ■ Optional Item

 Olympus PT type phototube sleeve   NY-BH US$ 53
 JIS type phototube sleeve  NY-JIS US$ 53
 Ocular Micormeter for Microscope Adapter    S11-CF US$
 Connecting cable to HDTV monitor  Mini HDMI cable  US$