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Microscope Digital Camera Adapter


High quality DSLR microscope adapter. NY-1S and NY-1S35 are compatible with most DSLR brands and models just by changing maker attachment. NY1S-CA for Canon, NY1S-FA for Nikon and so on

Catalog - NY-1S/NY-1S35
Catalog - Camera Comparison

 DSLR Microscope Adapter
 DSLR Adapter for regular size CCD  NY-1S US$ 847
 DSLR Adapter for Full size CCD (35mm size)  NY-1S35 US$ 847 

 Maker Attachment
 Canon EOS attachment  NY1S-CA US$ 42
 Nikon F-mount attachment NY1S-FA US$ 42
 Sony α, Minolta, Konica Minolta attachment NY1S-αA US$ 42
 Olympus FourThirds attachment NY1S-OFA US$ 42
 Sony Nex E-mount attachment NY1S-EA US$ 74
 Pentax attachment NY1S-PA US$ 42
 Olympus OM-mount attachment NY1S-OMA US$ 42
 MicroFourThirds attachment NY1S-MOFA US$ 74
 Nikon Mirror-Less DSLR attachment NY1S-N1A US$ 74
 Canon Mirror-Less DSLR attachment NY1S-CMA US$ 74

 Phototube Sleeve
 JIS Standard phototube sleeve NY-JIS US$ 53
 Olympus PT type phototube sleeve NY-BH US$ 53